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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

ABC’S of Change:

Part I: Goofs

Goofs in my dictionary are people, who donât think,

If the world had no Goofs, the world would have no misfortunes.

When Americans thought about bombing Hibakusha,

They were Goofs.

They didnât think.

They didnât put into account how the bomb would affect everybody.

Would they want their throat,


So bad,

That they couldnât consume soup?

Would they want their eyes,

Dangling from their eye sockets?


As if they were sitting,


And laughing.

Like little 8 year olds,

Laughing at that kid, who tripped in the hallway.

Goofs, they are the ones sitting, pointing, laughing.

You have tripped.

I have tripped.

I have been laughed at.

I have been the one laughing.

We all have.

The difference is, I never laughed so hard I killed 140,000.

I have never pointed so hard that a laser beam slit someoneâs throat.

Careless decisions that killed.

Thoughtlessness, turns to evil.

Revenge turned to Genocide.

Goofs just donât think.

I think.

Part II: Thin Lines

My life, my memories are flashing through my head,

The image of flames and dust,

Burning my brain.

I wish I couldnât see, hear or read.

The screams are almost tangible,

 as if needles punctured my spine.

What would I do if everyone I loved Vanished?

Gone, shriveled to dust.

This moment is what distinguishes Goofâs from Adults.

Goofs just laugh at the screams, laugh at the sorrow,

Adults feel the pain, experience the sorrow, we hear the screams.

Sakue Shimohira canât even mention her sisterâs name, itâs so painful.

Goofâs throw paper. Why not throw peace?

Why not show grief?

Adults are mournful. We want to produce peace.

If the world had no Goofs,

Sakue would be able to mention her sisterâs name.

I know how it feels to be afraid,

Maybe the Goofs are afraid.

But they just need to hold on.

The wheel of the world spins in absent time,

Not knowing where it will take me next.

But I know there needs to be a change.

A Big Colossal Change. 

— Rebecca King


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