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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

Valley are dull, valleys are bright.
HIBAKUSHA is about which I write.
Lovely mountains and rivers come to sight
whenever I sit to write.

Gone are the days of splendid beauty
which made HIBAKUSHA a place to be.
Now the beauty has been gunned down
by the gunpowder whose colour is brown.

Bloodshed and pain is everywhere
sadly enough it’ll lead us nowhere.

Let us all awake & put the guns to rest
and try to do our heavenly nest.
Let us make a difference
or our HIBAKUSHA will become only a reference.

— Shanil Khowaja


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