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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

We shall Stop This Madness, Together

Weeping yourself to sleep,

   No one to tell you to keep,

  Your silence like the other night,

   With Mom and Dad in your sight.

   Not even a simple goodbye,

   Just a sad cry.

   You started to believe there was no such thing as love,

   Nor the beautiful, white dove.

   But don’t worry, stop your dread,

   For your not the only ones who have mourned the beloved dead.

   We know it wasn’t fair,

   But, believe me we honestly care.

The world is on your side,

   We shall stop this genocide.

  Forwe all have one simple request,

  To put nuclear arms to rest.

— Usman Hussai


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