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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

Dear Japan

sixty five years ago america
turned you into human smoke
you swore off war like an alcoholic
who took his last drink
and put the demon down
we've started a good half dozen since
and kill ourselves by the thousands
with our second amendment
when i saw that black wall of water
invading your coast
i drowned as well
in one quiet town there were
only a few deaths reported
until the tide returned
choked with corpses
japan my heart is in meltdown for you
there have been
tsunamis earthquakes
and nuclear disasters before
but never at the same time
it's like having cancer
getting shot in a robbery
then falling out the back
of the ambulance into traffic
i am proud of you
because after the war
you went into meditation
and rose when you found a way
to turn machine guns
into machines manufacturing toyotas
you found a way to turn bullets
into bullet trains
after hiroshima and nagasaki
we did not understand
some victories should not be celebrated
while we were parading
with confetti in the air
ashes of people were still falling
fetuses were developing
with missing parts
japan they say you are in intensive care
i just wanted you to know
i care intensively

— Cole Larry Eubanks


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