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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

3 Habakushas Tell Daniel Their Dreams

With awe, my eyes were opened wide
His dazzling light making me blind
Yet I can see three personalities
And their aura seem like they are concerned about the world's trivialities
I listened as they spoke to him
 The first one; an old wily man; bet he is in his seventies
He tells of days when the earth was filled with immeasurable animosities
His voice seems filled with tears
Certainly they tell not only of his sorrowful years but also his fears
His dream went like this
I was a child coming back from school
My bag swaying in the air as I jumped over a muddy pool
I heard my mum as usual screaming my name
Like I was a common elusive thief the people wanted to maim
And then it happened
A shriek that from all huts did resound
Flinging me all the way to my home's ground
Lifting my dirt covered face
I looked on as life from this earth anunholy fire did erase
My mum lying dead, the world I knew in flames; what will become of me?
With tear drained from my eyes as the old man cried
I listened to the second man as his emotions he tried to hide
He, was a middle aged man
Whose simply beautiful dark hair showed he shared DNA with Han
His dream went like this
The world was bright yet filled with tension
Enough to give each man a his fair bout of hypertension
The earth had technologically bettered its prance
And yet morally none was willing to retrogress from their nuclear disarmament stance
And then it happened
Smaller nations out of fear armed themselves with what was to be destroyed
Larger nations with plans against these smaller one toyed
Anarchy became an everyday event
Because instead of love, anger and retribution on each other they did vent
I looked on helplessly, wishing men were never created
With a huge sigh he ended his words
His eyes red like his heart had being pierced with a thousand swords
Eight eyes now fixed on the third fellow
Who now seemed to be punching on his sleek phone's alphabet row
His dream went like this
The world was at peace
Then suddenly everything good suddenly did cease
Fires tearing down lives over here
And gases melting than souls over there
This was just the beginning
Then suddenly re-order came
And again arrived anarchy with its noted fame
My vision unable to make any resolution of the yin-yang of good and evil
My brain unable to tell whether we had gone the way of God or the devil
Still I am confused so I will be relieved if you explain it all to me
Daniel with his immaculate aura let a smile lighten up his thoughtful face
Finally an epiphany had come all his worries to erase
He said in the order of their dreams he will give them just three dates
1945, 2011 and 2028; he who his smart will get the code's unlocking pin
I sprung up from my bed, washed my face and looked at my calendar; it read October 7th 2011

— Stephen Larbi Darkoh


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