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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

The Never Forgotten Terror

How would they ever forget,
When nearly thirty thousand breathed no more,
Or the cries of the wound that could be heard anywhere,
How would they ever forget the street full of dead Japanese, most of the relatives?

How would they ever forget in the worst of flames,
The black smoke covering the sun,
Or how bridges split in two and buildings collapsing over the innocent.
The would never forget the sight of Hiroshima all in a jumble of stones and bodies,
Nor with they forget the smell of blood in the air
As well as the flash of light that could be seen all around the globe.

Why did they have to watch this city fall?
Why did their loved ones die?
Why terror was struck on August 6th,
Over one Japanese city, that impacted the entire country.
War is never the solution, and has "no winner or justice,"
All war has cause was the fall of a great Japanese city.

— Mohamed Bakr


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