Support to the intersessional programme and BWC Review Conferences

Aims and Objectives

This project focuses on mobilising States Parties of the Biological Weapons Convention towards active participation in the Ninth Review Conference in 2021 and by offering opportunities to reflect on and discuss key topics of the 2018-2020 inter-sessional programme. It will support the following outputs:

  • an increased level of awareness of the BWC and the Ninth Review Conference, as well as its significance for the future evolution of the BWC
  • a comprehensive and cross-regional dialogue on issues to be considered at the Ninth Review Conference
  • the development of a number of proposals for new initiatives to be implemented after the Ninth Review Conference
  • active participation by experts from developing countries in the 2019 and 2020 meetings on the inter-sessional programme and the Ninth Review Conference


A series of four regional or sub-regional workshops will be organised to address the topics of the 2018-2020 intersessional programme and to provide help to the President of the next Review Conference ahead of, and during, the Ninth Review Conference.

The objective of those workshops is to facilitate common understandings on a regional or sub-regional basis by discussing proposals to move issues forward. Side events will also be organised in Geneva during BWC meetings, as appropriate. This will encourage the formation of a broad constituency of States Parties in favour of the strengthening of the BWC.

This project will also support the sponsorship programme that enables experts from developing countries to participate in the BWC intersessional meetings and in the Ninth Review Conference in Geneva. 

Similar support was provided to previous BWC Review Conferences and intersessional programmes under the preceding EU Joint Action 2009-2011 and EU Council Decision 2016-2019 


Regional Workshop on the Preparation of the Eighth BWC Review Conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia , Astana, Kazakhstan, 15-16 June 2016