Seventh Biennial Meeting of States on the Programme of Action

15 – 19 June 2020, New York

The UN Programme of Action (PoA) on small arms and light weapons envisages the convening of Biennial Meetings of States “to consider the national, regional and global implementation of the Programme of Action.”

Informal consultations

Letters from the Chair:


Curriculum Vitae:

Ambassador Lazarus O. Amayo

Essential documents

Working papers

National reports

Countries have committed to report every two years on the implementation of the PoA and ITI.

2020 National reports should be submitted by 30 March.

In addition, States can provide by 29 February 2020 to the Secretariat their views on preventing the diversion of small arms, see Note Verbale


SG’s Report 2019: The illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects [A][C][E][F][R][S]

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