Stockpiled ammunition can become unsafe if not properly stored. Unintended explosions of ammunition depots have affected over 100 countries worldwide, leading to thousands of casualties over the past 15 years. Moreover, when depots are not well managed, they form an unremitting source for diversion of ammunition to armed groups and criminals, thus sustaining conflict and armed criminal activity.
Through the UN SaferGuard programme, the UN works on improving whole-life management of ammunition, thus providing people more safety and more security.

General Assembly

GA resolutions

SG reports

  • Compilation of national views — 2007
  • Addendum — 2007
  • Compilation of national views — 2006
  • Addendum — 2006

Groups of Governmental Experts

Security Council

SC resolutions

  • S/RES/2220 — 2015
  • S/RES/2117 — 2013
  • S/RES/1952 — 2010
  • S/RES/1467 — 2003
  • S/RES/1204 — 1998
  • S/RES/1196 — 1998

SG reports

Assistance, implementation

The UN SaferGuard programme oversees the dissemination and application of International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG):
detailed standards to improve the safety and security of ammunition storage sites. IATG come at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Trust fund


Ammunition Management Advisory Team



9 practical tools — all IATG-compliant — to assist in adequate ammunition management.