Youth delegates at the 46th CSocD session

Youth delegates at the 46th CSD session








BULGARIA: (details forthcoming)

Youth Delegate from Romania Andrei Mehedintu: Age 19 , is currently studying political science at the University of Bucharest. From his early days in high-school he has worked for young peoples’ rights to participate, as well as on childrens’ rights. He as also worked on themes related to the environment, especially on water related issues. During the past four years, he has participated in several national and international level meetings and reaffirms his belief that the young people of today – the adults of tomorrow – can think better about the future.

Youth Delegate from the Republic of Korea Young Joe Hur (17): Currently a senior at Daewon Foreign Language High School located in Seoul, Korea. He has interned at the Korean Ministry of foreign Affairs, participated in a number of International Model United Nations conferences, led Korea’s Presidential youth Congress as a vice-president, and attended an international law class at the Harvard Summer Program in 2007. He says “I can confidently say that I do love to be exposed to the broader world and learn the principles behind international relations. This invaluable opportunity to speak on behalf of 7,000,000 youth of Korea at the United Nations is especially precious to me. I think this experience inspires all Korean youth to be more than we can be. The Republic of Korea views youth as a mirror to its future and is going to implement numerous policies through which youth of our nation can participate in many future international conferences and voice their opinions.”

SWITZERLAND: (details forthcoming)

Youth Delegate from Tanzania Neema Deogratius Buhile: Currently the General Secretary of YAPNET-Youth Action against Poverty Network, as well as the Deputy Coordinator of the Africa Region Youth Caucus of the Commonwealth. She has attended several international youth meetings and works to bring home the best practices and lessons learned from other regions of the world to the young people of Tanzania. Her vision is to include young people in decision-making and have their voices heard, as she believes that they have a lot to contribute to development. She says “By working along with my fellow youth, I hope to achieve my dreams”.



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