Youth- SWAP

Youth SWAPThe Youth-SWAP provided strategic guidance to the UN system as a whole in its work on youth within the framework of the World Programme of Action for Youth. It provided an opportunity to promote joint programmatic work on youth development and to identify ways in which activities undertaken by individual entities can complement each other.

Based on  Secretary-Genera Ban Ki-Moon’s Five-year Action Agenda, the System-wide Action Plan focused on the following thematic areas:

  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Protection of rights
  • Civic engagement
  • Political inclusion
  • Education, including comprehensive sexuality education
  • Health

For each thematic area, the Youth-SWAP included one overarching goal, which represented the long-term objective to which the UN System should contribute in this area. Moreover, each thematic area consisted of commitments (or outcomes) towards which to work, the measures (or results) that needed to be achieved in order to meet these commitments, and indicators to monitor implementation of the measures. For each measure, a list of Lead and Supporting entities, which were responsible for the implementation of the measure, was also developed. The commitments, measures and related indicators were grounded in mandates received from intergovernmental bodies.

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