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Category: Articles by Youth

Snaliah Mahal

Climate Change and Pollution in the Caribbean by Snaliah Mahal

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

When you live in a small island country in the Caribbean with a population less than the size of a village in some countries, you sometimes wonder what impact you can have in the world. However, the size of our countries should not deter us from speaki …

Kerricia Hobson

Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Key to Grenada’s Sustainability by Kerricia Hobson

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

In Grenada, youth and fishermen from two local communities play a critical role in the restoration of coral reefs. These ‘Community Coral Gardeners’ form part of an innovative ecosystem-based adaptation strategy that was designed and tested to determin …

Jamilla Sealy

SIDS and Climate Change by Jamilla Sealy

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

The Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are one group of countries acutely vulnerable to climate change issues. SIDS are often characterized by limited resources. The islands typically lack sufficient land, food, water and fuel and are pred …

Adrian Watson

Social Impacts of Environmental Degradation by Adrian Watson

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

Jamaica has, like much of the rest of the Caribbean, struggled with homelessness, youth unemployment, climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. One may question what homelessness and youth unemployment have to do with environmental issues. Consi …

Dariana Mattei

Resiliency in Puerto Rico after hurricanes Irma and Maria by Dariana Mattei-Ramos

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

Hurricane Maria was a devastating climatic event in the Caribbean region that affected the food and agriculture sector of many small islands. In Puerto Rico, the local government estimated that 85 per cent of agriculture was lost. Prior to hurricanes I …

Sade Deane

Beating Plastic Pollution with a Plan – My Experience in Barbados by Sade Deane

June 2018 | Articles by Youth

Efforts to ban plastic are a positive step initiated by many actors, though for the complete omission of plastics, we must first understand how plastic is integrated within several domains of our lives. There are many jobs linked to the plastic industr …