Get involved Vol 25, No. 02 - February 2021

The UN Food Systems Summit needs your voice – now!

The UN Food Systems Summit is a turning point in the world’s journey to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Over the course of the year, the Summit will deepen our understanding of the problems we must solve, and set a course to radically change the way we produce, process, and consume food.

“We must all – in every section of society – lean into courageous conversations rather than avoiding them,” said Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

“At no moment in time should we forget this basic principle that what brings us together around our food systems is so much more powerful than what could potentially pull us apart.”

“It is critical that the Food Systems Summit is also a ‘People’s Summit’. This Summit cannot be owned and shaped by just a few actors. The Summit has opened doors for everyone, and we will need networks all over the world to lean into the conversation and have their voices heard,” she added.

So, how can you get involved?

Become a Food Systems Hero

The Summit is for everyone and its success relies on people everywhere getting involved, and sharing their views. By signing up to become a #FoodSystemsHero, you are joining a global movement for safe, sustainable and equitable food systems – and making a commitment to learn, share, gather and act for food systems transformation. Find out more.

Have your say in the Summit

Visit the recently launched online Summit Community, a highly collaborative space to guide the science, solutions, concepts and outcomes of the Summit. The platform is open to anyone with an interest in food systems at all levels, and will be a key entry point for stakeholder engagement on defining the solutions.

The five Action Tracks will draw on the expertise of actors from across the world’s food systems, and offer a space to share, learn, foster new actions and partnerships and amplify existing initiatives. Each Action Track’s leadership teams continues to look for game-changing ideas from everyone – everywhere. Have your say through these online surveys:

Action Track 1: Ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all

Action Track 2: Shift to sustainable consumption patterns

Action Track 3: Boost nature-positive production

Action Track 4: Advance equitable livelihoods

Action Track 5: Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress

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