Get involved Vol 24, No. 12 - December 2020

How do we end hunger and protect food livelihoods? Find out at our next online event!

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, UN DESA has published policy briefs and reports aimed at sharing data to help countries and organizations make informed policies to respond to the crisis. To bring the findings and recommendations to a wider audience, the Department has organized monthly online conversations as part of its Global Policy Dialogue Series. Food security will be at the heart of the next event on 16 December. Join us and share your questions with our experts!

The focus on food security comes as the Department looks ahead to three major food events on the UN calendar for 2021. First, the Commission on Population and Development will take on a theme of food security and hunger this spring, and in July, the High-level Political Forum will showcase progress on Sustainable Development Goal 2 on ending hunger. Finally, the 2021 Food Systems Summit will be held during the General Assembly high-level period in September.

To support the UN’s efforts in ending hunger and protecting food livelihoods, the Global Policy Dialogue “Advancing equitable livelihoods in food systems,” will be held on 16 December. It will highlight the impact of recent population shifts and rural development on food security and consider ways to ensure sustainable food production while protecting jobs amid the pandemic.

Speakers representing Member States, the UN system, farmers and indigenous peoples will share their perspectives on the effects of COVID-19 in their communities and offer ideas for designing better food systems for the future.

The December event will also be framed as a Food Systems Summit Dialogue supporting the Summit’s Action Track 4 on equitable food livelihoods. The Summit Dialogues are an opportunity for all citizens to engage as stakeholders in the world’s food systems. The outcome will help guide individual and collective action towards a new social contract in which the future of food is sustainable, equitable and secure.

Find out more about upcoming Global Policy Dialogues, and watch past events on critical issues like youth employment, gender equality, and science and technology, on our dedicated website All of the Dialogues are streamed live and on-demand on the UN DESA Facebook page, as well.

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