Get involvedVol 25 No. 7 - July 2020

Register your action to #BuildBackBetter and accelerate SDG action

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, and the world slowly coming to terms with the “new normal”, forward-looking governments, businesses and organizations are using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for rebuilding their economies and essential services in a fairer, more sustainable way.

The brightest ideas, game-changing initiatives and most innovative partnerships are captured by UN DESA in the SDG Acceleration Actions registry. Since its launch ahead of the SDG Summit last September, more than 150 bold commitments to advance the goals have been made. Now is your chance for your initiative to be featured among them!

Whether you represent a big international organization or government, or a small, local business or NGO, you can register your SDG Acceleration Action here: A new functionality on our platform allows you to share how your SDG Acceleration Action can help to tackle the pandemic and build back better from the ravages of COVID-19.

For example, a recent SDG Acceleration Action registered by Mexico, in collaboration with UN Women, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), has launched a programme to improve social protection for 2.5 million women in domestic labour and agriculture, especially for indigenous women and those working in rural areas.

And SDGs for Haiti, a student-led initiative at the State University of Haiti aims to establish four new community pharmacies in Port-au-Prince and by 2021 reach 60 per cent of Haitians through public health awareness campaigns, promoting vaccination and COVID-19-related sanitation practices.

Private sector is also stepping up. For instance, the new “Liechtenstein Initiative” brings together the financial sectors and governments of Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Austria, in an effort to help put an end to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Under another recently registered programme, called “50:50: The Equality Project”, more than 600 BBC teams and 60 partner organizations have committed to a full gender balance on-screen, on-air and in lead roles across all genres. The initiative is now planning to expand the 50:50 methodology to represent persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities, as well.

Are you feeling inspired already? Whatever your government, business or organization is doing to achieve the SDGs and counter the multifaceted COVID-19 crisis, we want to hear about it! Register your organization’s SDG Acceleration Action—or browse more than 150 actions already registered—at

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