Get involved Vol 24, No. 04 - April 2020

Be safe, be smart, be kind

Have you been experiencing elevated levels of fear and anxiety lately? Are you feeling trapped or hopeless? Don’t worry, these are not the symptoms of the novel coronavirus, they are perfectly natural reactions to a global pandemic. One of the best antidotes to the sense of powerlessness in face of the COVID-19 virus is to take action against it. Here’s what you can do!

Be Safe

It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best things you can do for other people at the moment… is to keep away from them. Social distancing is still our most powerful weapon against the coronavirus. If you find yourself in a COVID-19 hotspot, and if urged by local authorities to help flatten the curve, heed the call! This may be the only time in your life when you can literally save lives by simply staying home.

Watch and retweet to learn how you can protect yourself and others from the coronavirus in seven easy steps.

Be Smart

Inform yourself about the virus from a trusted source, such as the official websites of the United Nations and the World Health Organization or your local health authority.

You can also learn about UN DESA’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic through a new web portal just launched. The portal will shine a light on the cutting-edge analysis and policy advice to addressing this global crisis.

It’s good to keep everybody else informed, but be sure to only share facts, not rumours. Never share sensationalist or unverified information. By spreading misinformation, you may be helping the spread of the virus instead of stopping it!

Be Kind

No amount of fear can excuse prejudice and discrimination. The coronavirus pandemic is a human crisis that calls first and foremost for human solidarity. Stand up to racism, xenophobia and stigma.

Show solidarity with those affected:

We are all in this crisis together and we will get through it together.

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