Get involved Vol 22, No. 7 - July 2018

Be the change: Take daily actions for the SDGs!

Judging from statistics, we have many reasons to celebrate the achievements we have made since the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted three years ago. The under-five mortality rate has dropped, the global labor market witnessed an increase in productivity and 108 countries put policies and initiatives in place to make production and consumption more sustainable. But we still have a lot of work to do to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. You can be part of these efforts!

Although more people are living better than a decade ago, the latest data of the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018, released on 20 June, reveal gaps that need to be closed if we are to reach our targets by 2030.

We still need to enable more than half of the world’s children and adolescents to access quality education; to make clean energy affordable to the 1 billion people still without electricity; and to regulate carbon emissions and battle climate change.

On 9-18 July, the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development will gather representatives from UN Member States to share progress and experiences, strengthen joint efforts and improve strategies. While this event is mainly for policy makers, there are many actions that ordinary citizens can take to help accelerate progress towards a sustainable future.

In addition to some obvious activities, like reusing shopping bags and saving on electricity, find more tips here on ways to take daily action for the SDGs:

  • Shop local and shop smart. Support neighborhood businesses that employ local people and help reduce long-distance transport. Use shopping lists and avoid marketing tricks that tempt you to buy more than you need. This saves your money and the resources of our planet.
  • Use your power to shape businesses as a customer. You can for example ask, “do you serve sustainable seafood?”, when ordering seafood in restaurants. Let businesses know that ocean-friendly seafood is on your shopping list.
  • Calculate your carbon emissions via Climate Neutral Now to make them easier to regulate and reduce. Show your support for the Paris Agreement on blogs, social media, and every media channel you can access.
  • Know your rights at work and raise your voice against any violation of them in your workplace. When everyone works together, we can achieve an environment free from inequality and discrimination.
  • Exercise your voting rights and vote for leaders who are committed to work for a sustainable future, benefitting both people and the planet.

More ideas can be found in The lazy person’s guide to saving the world.

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