UN DESA Monthly Newsletter for April 2022

Expert Voices

Credit ratings – why they matter for the global goals

Did you know that much like report cards for students, countries too have “grades” associated with them? One type of these “grades”, called credit ratings, affect countries’ cost of borrowing money. The ratings are given by just a handful of private companies, known as credit rating agencies (CRAs). To gain more insights on this topic, we talked to Shari Spiegel in UN DESA’s Financing for Sustainable Development Office (FSDO).

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Things you need to know

4 indigenous causes to look out for this month

Every year, thousands of indigenous representatives gather for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. This is one of the main venues to address the challenges facing the world’s more than 476 million indigenous peoples. From poverty and health issues to human rights and land rights violations, the hazards they face are many. Ahead of this year’s Forum, here are 4 things you need to know.   

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