UN DESA Monthly Newsletter for September 2021

Expert Voices

The gender inequality of time

When the pandemic hit, leaving children without a school to go to and elderly people confined to the house, it was the women of the family who were suddenly expected to become teachers, carers and domestic helpers, often at the expense of their professional careers. A new tool developed by UN DESA may soon tell us exactly how much more domestic work falls on the shoulder of women during a crisis. UN DESA Statistician Lubov Zeifman tells us about it.

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Things you need to know

Four things you should know about food systems

Billions of people, from farmers to supermarket cashiers, to those who monitor food safety or install irrigation technologies contribute to the world’s food systems. This web of connected people and processes is at the heart of food security and nutrition for the world’s growing population. As the global community prepares for the Food Systems Summit this month, here are four things you should know about the world’s food systems:

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