UN DESA Monthly Newsletter for March 2021

Expert Voices
Nicolas Franke, Sustainable Development Officer at UN DESA

What does water mean to you?

A chemical substance? A life-giving force? A human right? A commodity? Water means different things to different people. As we prepare to celebrate World Water Day on 22nd March, we talk about the value of water with Nicolas Franke, Sustainable Development Officer at UN DESA.

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Things you need to know
Western Ghats mountains in the state of Kerala in India

Four things you need to know about forests and health

Forests are good for our physical and mental wellbeing. Spending time around trees helps boost our immune system, lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation. From cleaner air to providing natural cooling and the freshwater we drink, forests support our health in ways that may not be visible.

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From tracking cholera in 1854 to mapping COVID-19 today, better data saves lives
Nadine Gasman Zylbermann
SDG infographic
Coming UP
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