Ms. Maria Francesca Spatolisano Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs

3T Reasons to Spend and Partner Better for the Global Goals

Good evening everybody,

I am honoured to join you at this important reception, to partner better for the Global Goals.

We are in the fourth year of implementation of the ambitious and transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Recent reports point out that while there has been progress towards some of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, it is not nearly enough to realize our aspirations.

Among the targets that we are at risk of missing are those related to zero hunger, inequality reduction and climate action.

The big risk is that we may be approaching tipping points in biodiversity loss and green-house gas emissions. In other words, we are at risk of irreversibly degrading the natural systems that sustain us.

It is clear that we need to move faster and achieve impact at a greater scale. This can only be done if we ‘partner better for the Global Goals’. This is why we are here today. The political, technological and financial solutions are within our reach. But much greater leadership and rapid, transformative changes are needed to align these levers of change with sustainable development objectives.

Distinguished guests,

This week, world leaders have gathered in New York to discuss solutions and identify concrete actions that can help get the SDG response on track, leading up-to the 2030 deadline.
It is heartening to see so many sustainability champions here today, discussing what the investment community can do to leverage SDG Action.

I encourage businesses, investors, startups both small and large, to increase the pace and ambition of ‘bottom-up’ action for the SDGs. Integrate these Global Goals into your core business strategies to communicate on progress and share lessons learned.

Investment in inclusive and sustainable economies can and do unleash significant opportunities for shared prosperity. Together we can do more.

I would like to close by challenging all of you to take bold and innovative action, and I think you are the right people for this! Scale-up your partnerships in order to produce outcomes that will positively impact people on the ground and reach the furthest behind first.

So here is the thing, the United Nations has made a call for all governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to launch their ambitious, game-changing Acceleration Actions to help achieve the SDGs. These voluntary commitments are made public on an online database provided by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

It gives visibility to what you do and inspires others to follow up your good example.

We already see inspiring actions from around the world in that register. I would like to invite you all to join this effort and to register your voluntary SDG Acceleration Action at the UN’s platform to support urgent implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Thank you.

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