Partnering with islands for a sustainable world

On 1-4 September 2014, the global community will gather in Apia, Samoa, for the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). This is an event that will offer a once in a decade opportunity for the world”s leaders to focus attention on a group of countries that remain a special case for sustainable development in view of their unique and particular vulnerabilities. What happens with these small islands has global effects.

“As we are at the final stage of designing a global development agenda beyond 2015, this conference will further provide Small Islands the opportunity to be more involved in this process. It will give them a global stage, to let their voices be heard. It will also provide an opportunity for real actions, and more effective partnerships,” says Conference Secretary-General and UN DESA”s Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo.

Partnerships will be at the heart of the Conference, which will involve all UN Member States and UN agencies, featuring six multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues on: Sustainable Economic Development Climate change &amp Disaster Risk management Social development in SIDS, Health and NCDs, youth and women Sustainable energy Oceans, Seas and Biodiversity and Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Waste Management.

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