DESA News: Interview with Mr. Wu Hongbo – USG for Economic and Social Affairs

As 2013 came full circle, DESA News got an exclusive interview with the department’s Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Wu Hongbo, who shared some of the past year’s gains as well as some highlights for an eventful and action-packed new 2014. “We will discharge our mandates […] and do whatever we can to make our work a success next year,” said Mr. Wu.

During an intense and activity-filled 2013, UN DESA has worked in many different areas to promote social, economic and sustainable development worldwide. A number of important achievements have been gained and it looks like the coming year will be as busy for the department. During 2014, Mr. Wu and his staff will be involved in many key events, which will be essential as the world community moves forward preparing for a sustainable development agenda beyond 2015.

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