#CSocD53: Interview with Dr. Asunción Lera St. Clair

Climate change will be at the centre of attention this year as part of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and as the international community is aiming to reach a new climate agreement in Paris in December 2015. The fact that changes in climate often affect socially and economically vulnerable people the most, is something that the Commission for Social Development has also addressed this year.

Watch this interview with Dr. Asunción Lera St. Clair, a sociologist and expert on poverty, development and climate, who took part in the#CSocD53 high-level panel event on 4 February. In this interview, Dr. St. Clair addressed the following questions:

– What key (social) challenges does climate change pose?
– What opportunities for social development follow from the need for a rapid shift towards equitable, climate resilient and sustainable development?

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