Population Commission, ninth session

25 February 1957 to 08 March 1957


  1. Election of officers
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Implementation of previous recommendations of the Commission
  4. Population seminars and other technical assistance activities undertaken in the field of population
  5. Regional demographic research and training centres
  6. Demographic pilot studies
  7. Demographic aspects of industrialization of underdeveloped countries
  8. World population census programme
  9. Appraisal and utilization of fragmentary and inadequate census and vital statistics
  10. Gaps in existing knowledge of relationships between population trends and economic and social factors
  11. Demographic aspects of the work of the regional economic commissions
  12. World demographic situation
  13. Programme of work for 1957-1958
  14. Time and place of the next session
  15. Adoption of report of the Commission to the Economic and Social Council