Population Commission, seventh session

19 January 1953 to 30 January 1953


  1. Opening of the session by the Assistant Secretary-General
  2. Election of officers (section A of this report)
  3. Adoption of the agenda (section A)
  4. Implementation of previous recommendations of the Commission (sections D 4, D 7, H 1, H 2, H 3, and H 4)
  5. World Population Conference (section C)
  6. Studies of the interrelationships of demographic; economic and social factors (sections D 1, D 2, and D 4)
  7. Fertility and mortality studies (section D 6)
  8. Migration
    • Studies and research in migration (section E)
    • Revision of draft recommendations for the improvement of migration statistics (section F 3)
  9. Population censuses taken in and around 1950 (sections D 5, F 1, and H 5)
  10. Demographic seminars and training courses (section G)
  11. Demographic aspects of the programmes of regional economic commissions (section D 3)
  12. Revision of draft recommendations for improvement and standardization of vital statistics (section F 2)
  13. Programme of concerted practical action in the social field: the parts which relate to the programme of the Population Division (section I)
  14. Priorities for future work (section J)
  15. Time and place of next session (section K)