Population Commission, first session

06 February 1947 to 19 February 1947

The Population Commission, which was established by the resolution of the Economic and Social Council of 3 October 1946, held it's first meeting at the United Nations headquarters at Lake Success on 6 February 1947.


  1. Opening of the session
  2. Attendance at the session
  3. Election of officers
  4. Rules of procedure
  5. Terms of reference
  6. Relations with other commissions
  7. Relations with specialized agencies
  8. World Statistical Congress 
  9. International census plans
  10. Programme of work for 1947: Technical studies
  11. Programme of work for 1947: Special studies
  12. Future work
  13. Population losses in devastated areas
  14. Staff of the Population Division
  15. Time and place of next session

Population Commission

1st Session of the Population Commission, Lake Placid, New York

Dr. Arca Parro, chairman, being congratulated. Left to right: Jose A. Encinas, Peru; Oscar Faura, Secretariat; Dr. Alberto Arca Parro, Peru; Dr. Jose M. Quimper, Secretariat. 06 February 1947.

Population Commission

1st Session of Population Commission, lake Placid, New York

Commission at dinner party offered by the chairman, Dr. Alberto Arca Parro, Peru. 14 February 1947