Population Commission, second session

18 August 1947 to 27 August 1947

The Population Commission held its second session during the period 18 to 27 August 1947. 


  1. Rules of procedure
  2. Terms of reference
  3. Demographic year-book
  4. International census plans
  5. Development of population data and estimates
  6. Studies of the population of trust territories
  7. Studies of the inter-relationships between economic, social and population changes
  8. Plans for work on migration
  9. Improvement of comparability and quality of basic population statistics
  10. Future work of the commission
  11. Staff for work on population questions
  12. Time of next session

Opening day of the Second Session

2nd Session of the Population Commission Aug 1947

Frank Notestein, left, Consultant Director, Population Division, Department of Social Affairs, U.N. Secretariat, and Alberto Arca-Parro, Peru, Commission Chairman, right. 18 August 1947