Expert group meeting on health, mortality and development

New York

10 November 2009 to 12 November 2009



Programme of work

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Session 1: Health 


Moderator: Philip Guest, Assistant Director, Population Division/DESA

  • Hania Zlotnik, Director, Population Division. Opening remarks



1. Global burden of disease and disease control priorities

  • Colin Mathers, World Health Organization. Global burden of disease and risk factors
  • Dean Jamison, IHME, University of Washington;. and Prabhat Jha, University of Toronto.The disease control priorities project 
  • Discussion and questions



2. Health systems and financing of global health

  • Paolo Piva, World Health Organization. Primary health care reforms: Aligning health systems to needs and expectations 
  • Andre Medici, World Bank. Reforming health systems for development
  • Discussion and questions



3. Reproductive health

  • Linda Bartlett, Johns Hopkins University. Why isn’t safe motherhood a reality for all pregnant women? 
  • Discussion and questions


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

4. Infectioua and parasitic diseases 

  • Ramanan Laxminarayan, Princeton University. Prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Peter J. Hotez, George Washington University Medical Center. The development impact of the neglected tropical diseases 
  • Discussion and questions



5. Chronic and degenerative diseases

  •  Prakash Shetty, University of Southampton. Nutrition, lifestyles, obesity and chronic diseases 
  •  Thomas A. Gaziano, Harvard Medical School. The global burden of chronic diseases 
  •  Prabhat Jha, University of Toronto. Global mortality from tobacco 
  • Discussion and questions
  • Philip Guest, Assistant Director,Population Division. Summary and concluding remarks 



Session 2: Adult mortality


Moderator:  François Pelletier, Chief, Mortaity Section, Population Division/DESA

  • Francois Pelletier, Chief, Mortality Section, Population Division. Overview 



6. Methodological aspects to the estimation of adult mortality

  • Mie Inoue, World Health Organization. Overview of procedures used by WHO to generate life tables at the country level
  • Julie Knoll Rajaratnam, IHME, University of Washington. Evaluating methods to estimate the completeness of death registration 
  • Haidong Wang, IHME, University of Washington. An Improved Model Life Table System: Semi-parametric Method 
  • Julie Knoll Rajaratnam, IHME, University of Washington. Measuring adult mortality using sibling survival: A new analytical method and new results for 44 countries, 1974-2006 
  • Discussion and questions


Thursday, 12 November 2009

7. A review of adult mortality estimates at the country levle

  • Representatives of WHO, IHME, the Population Division and others. Discussion will focus on adult mortality estimates by sex for selected countries.


8. Next steps and concluding remarks

  • François Pelletier, Chief, Mortality Section, Population Division. 


* See report.