Expert group meeting on adolescents, youth and development

New York 

21 July 2011 to 22 July 2011


The Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs organized an expert group meeting on adolescents, youth, and development. The meeting was held at the United Nations in New York from 21 to 22 July 2011.

The meeting was organized in preparation for the forty-fifth session of the Commission on Population and Development, scheduled to take place in April 2012, which would focus on “Adolescents and youth”. It was held during the 2010-2011 International Year of Youth, as promulgated by General Assembly resolution A/RES/64/134.

The meeting brought together experts from different disciplines and regions to present and discuss research on two broad themes, namely (a) the demographic dynamics that shape the number and characteristics of adolescents and youth, and (b) the ways in which adolescents and young people can be agents of socio-economic development. Selected papers prepared by the experts participating in the meeting are available as part of the Expert Paper Series published by the Population Division.



Organization of work

Thursday, 21 July 2011

9:30 –10:00



Opening session


  • Hania Zlotnik, Director, United Nations Population Division.  Opening Statement


Theme I. Demographic dynamics of adolescents and youth

  • Moderator: Ann Biddlecom (UN Population Division)


  • Serguey Ivanov (UN Population Division) Global overview of the demographic dynamics of youth



Fertility and family formation


  • Minja Kim Choe (East-West Center), Family formation patterns among young people: General trends and emerging issues in East and Southeast Asia


  • Jorge Rodríguez (ECLAC), High adolescent fertility in the context of declining fertility in Latin America 




Youth health and mortality


  • Moderator: François Pelletier (UN Population Division)

  • George Patton (University of Melbourne), Global patterns of mortality of young people

  • Fátima Juárez (El Colegio de Mexico), Addressing adolescent women’s sexual and reproductive health needs in Mexico: Challenges and opportunities





Theme II. Youth and socio-economic development




  • Moderator: Jorge Bravo (UN Population Division)

  • Martin Hopenhayn (ECLAC), Education, life cycle and mobility: A Latin American perspective

  • Nicole Mun Sim Lai (University of Monash, Malaysia), Transition to financial independence of youth in Asian countries: Does furthering one’s education pay?








Youth employment


  • Moderator: Jorge Bravo (UN Population Division)

  • Steven Kapsos (International Labour Organization), Global employment trends for youth

  • Farzaneh Roudi (Population Reference Bureau), Youth Population and Employment in the Middle East and North Africa: Opportunity or Challenge?




Friday, 22 July 2011


Theme I. Demographic dynamics of adolescents and youth (continued)


Sex education and family planning for young people


  • Moderator: Vladimira Kantorova (UN Population Division)

  • Nicole Haberland (Population Council), Policies and programmes on sex education and family planning for youth

  • Douglas Kirby (Education, Training and Research (ETR) Associates), Sex education: Access and impact on sexual behaviour of young people






Theme II. Youth and socio-economic development (continued)


Transition to Adulthood and Economic Independence


  • Moderator: Luis Rosero (UN Population Division)


  •  Maria Iacovou (University of Essex), Leaving home: Independence, togetherness and income in Europe






Intergenerational issues related to youth


  • Moderator: Jorge Bravo (UN Population Division)

  • Monde Makiwane (Human and Social Development Research Programme), Intergenerational relations in Africa with a focus on South Africa

  • Henrik Urdal (Harvard University), A clash of generations? Youth bulges and political violence