Commission on Population and Development, twenty-ninth session (1996)

26 February 1996 to 01 March 1996

Reproductive rights and reproductive health


Bureau members

  • Mr. András Klinger (Hungary) - Eastern-European Group (Chair)
  • Mr. R. L. Cliquet (Belgium) - Western European and Others Group (WEOG) (Vice-Chair)
  • Ms. Elza Salvatori Berquo (Brazil) - Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)  (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr. S. B. A. Bullut (Kenya) - African Group  (Vice-Chair)
  • Ms. Cecile Joaquin-Yasay (Philippines) - Asia-Pacific Group  (Vice-Chair)


Report on the Commission on its twenty-ninth session
Official documentation
Agenda item 1

Election of officers

Agenda item 2

Provisional agenda (E/CN.9/1996/1)

Organization of the work of the session (E/CN.9/1996/L.1)

Status of documentation for the session (E/CN.9/1996/L.2)

Agenda item 3

No official documentation

Agenda item 4

Concise Report on World Population Monitoring, 1996 (E/CN.9/1996/2)

Monitoring of Population Programme (E/CN.9/1996/3)

Report of the Inter-Agency Task Force (E/CN.9/1996/4)

Activities of intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of reproductive rights and reproductive health (E/CN.9/1996/5)

Flow of financial resources in international assistance for population (E/CN.9/1996/6)

Follow-up actions to the recommendations of the International Conference on Population and Development: reproductive rights and reproductive health (E/CN.9/1996/L.4)

Draft resolution submitted by the Vice-Chairman of the Commission on the basis of informal consultations held on draft resolution E/CN.9/1996/L.4 (E/CN.9/1996/L.7)

Agenda item 5

Progress of work in the field of population in 1995 (E/CN.9/1996/7)

Programme of work in population for the biennium 1996-1997 (E/CN.9/1996/8)

Programme of work for the biennium 1996-1997 (E/CN.9/1996/CRP.1)

Work programme in the field of population (E/CN.9/1996/L.6)

Agenda item 6

Note by the Secretariat containing the provisional agenda for the thirtieth session of the Commission (E/CN.9/1996/L.3)

Agenda item 7


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