Commission on Population and Development, twenty-eighth session (1995)

21 February 1995 to 02 March 1995

Monitoring of world population trends and policies

Bureau Members


  • Ms. Ruth Archibald (Canada) - Western European and Others Group (WEOG) (Chair)

  • Mr. Jose Gomez de Leon (Mexico) - Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC) (Vice-Chair)

  • Mr. Jerzy Z. Holzer (Poland) - Eastern-European Group (Vice-Chair)

  • Mr. Abderrazak Azaiez (Tunisia) - African Group (Vice-Chair)

  • Mr. V. K. Shunglu (India) - Asia-Pacific Group (Vice-Chair)


Report of the Commission on its twenty-eighth session 
Official documentation
Agenda item 2

Adoption of Agenda and Other Organizational Matters (E/CN.9/1995/1)

Organization of the work of the session (E/CN.9/1995/L.1)

Agenda item 3

Concise Report on Monitoring of World Population Trends and Policies (E/CN.9/1995/2)

Monitoring of Multilateral Population Assistance (E/CN.9/1995/3)

Activities of the United Nations Population Fund (E/CN.9/1995/4)

Agenda item 4

Implications of the recommendations of the International Conference on Population and Development for the work programme on population (E/CN.9/1995/5)

Draft decision submitted by the Chairman of the Commission on the basis of informal consultations (E/CN.9/1995/L.2)

Agenda item 5

Progress of work in the field of population, 1994: Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis (E/CN.9/1995/6)

Proposed programme of work in population for the biennium 1995-1997 (E/CN.9/1995/7)

Agenda item 6

No official documentation


Agenda item 7