Exploring best practices in e-government

egovernment_bestpractices1The International Workshop on e-Government Best Practices to be hosted by the Jordanian Ministry of ICT and jointly organized by UN DESA and UNESCWA will aim to provide a platform for senior level official from Arab region and across the world to disseminate best practices and discuss trends, achievement and challenges in implementing e-government initiatives. The event will take place in Amman, Jordan on 3-5 December.

Information and Communication technologies have had a significant impact on modernization of public administration and governance. Government electronic services have been developed not only to simplify government procedures and improve interaction with citizens, but also to create new governance models that would empower citizens and involve them in the decision-making process as well as increase transparency and accountability of governance.

Arab countries have all realized the importance of a well-conceived e-government strategy and have launched national e-government initiatives. They have placed a high priority on the development of e-government programs and mobilized human and financial resources for their implementation.  In some Arab countries, the focus of e-government initiatives has shifted from the provision of services through one-stop-shop portals to more advanced concepts such as open data initiatives.

Recognizing the important role of UN DESA in advancing e-government agendas at the global and regional levels and building upon a successful cooperation on the organization of the UN Workshop on “Promoting Governance through Innovation and ICT” during the UNPSA 2013 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, the ICT Division of the UN Economic Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) requested the cooperation of eGB/DPADM/UN DESA to jointly organize this “International Workshop in Promoting e-Government Best Practices”.

The event will be hosted by the Jordanian Ministry of ICT and organized jointly by UN DESA and UNESCWA. It will take place on 3-5 December, 2013 at UNESCWA Technology Center in Amman with over 60 participants expected to attend. The International Workshop will explore achievements and challenges faced by Arab countries in designing and implementing e-government best practices as they relate to the role of institutions and leaders, identify leadership capacity building needs and develop partnership for capacity building in the region.

It will run for three days and include 16 working sessions aiming at building capacities of funded and non-funded participants on the mechanisms to design, implement and ensure sustainability of online public service delivery through the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices amongst and between Arab countries and other regions of the world. The end goal is to improve public service delivery, achieve the increased understanding and technical capacities of decision makers on the improvements in institutional framework needed to increase the level of e-government readiness. It will do so through the facilitation of an active dialogue between UN DESA, UNESCWA, invited experts, high level officials, representatives of international organizations, the business community and other stakeholders.

For more information on e-Government, visit the website of DESA’s Division Division for Public Administration and Development Management.