Discussing audit and advisory activities

In collaboration with the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institution (INTOSAI), DPADM organized the 22nd UN/INTOSAI Symposium in Vienna, Austria from 5 to 7 March

Photo courtesy INTOSAIThe theme of the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) was “Audit and Advisory Activities by Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs): Risks and Opportunities, as well as Possibilities for Engaging Citizens”.

In attendance were more than 150 participants, including more than 40 heads of SAIs, from more than 60 countries and representatives from international organizations. Mr. Wu, DESA’s Under-Secretary-General, made an opening statement on citizen engagement in public accountability in the post-2015 UN development framework. He emphasized the importance of good governance as the fourth pillar of sustainable development, which is the core of the post-2015 development agenda: 

“The United Nations and the international community recognize that economic growth, social development and environmental protection form the three pillars of sustainable development. Cross-cutting, effective and efficient public administration is also critical in supporting the three pillars. Some experts suggest that good governance is the fourth pillar of sustainable development. I agree. Good governance strengthens and reinforces the inter-linkages of the social, economic and environmental pillars, and ensures that the future we want is translated into reality.” 

The meeting concluded that by using advisory approaches in addition to traditional government audits, SAIs can contribute to the effective and efficient achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and influence the post-2015 Development Agenda. The participants recommended that INTOSAI, through a working group, monitor measures to mitigate the risks of waste and loss of public funds in order to give technical advice to the international community.

They also encouraged UN Member States and relevant UN agencies to implement the resolution on Promoting the efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and transparency of public administration by strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions (A/RES/66/209).  

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