Large turnout for Internet Governance Forum

More than 1,630 onsite participants from over 128 countries convened at the 7th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Baku, Azerbaijan on 6-9 November, while more than 3800 unique visitors connected remotely

There were 429 government representatives, 161 representatives from the technical and academia community, 268 representatives from the private sector, 541 from the civil society, 96 representatives from international organisations, and 123 accredited journalists. 

Remote participation has become a major strength of the IGF process as this feature enables unprecedented access to and interaction with experts for any individual with an Internet connection. It also significantly increases knowledge sharing, information dissemination, partnership building and capacity building in a way that makes the IGF meetings unique. Forty-nine remote experts and panelists participated via video and audio during the week. Fifty-two different remote ‘hubs’ allowed over 3,800 IGF enthusiasts to gather together to follow the proceedings in Baku. 

The event held a record number of workshops, best practice forums, dynamic coalition meetings and open forums. The theme for this year’s IGF was “Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development”. 

These sessions allowed participants to delve into both complicated and oftentimes controversial issues in an open and intimate manner. Topics at the workshops and other meetings ranged from issues related to cyber-security and child protection online, the rise of social networks, the use of “big data”, and various aspects of human rights as they relate to the Internet, among many others. 

DPI has so far gathered over 1,000 articles published in 30 countries in English, German, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian. The bulk of the coverage has been in the United States, Germany, India and in the host country,Azerbaijan. 

DESA’s Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo took part in the opening of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

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