Ageing populations to be discussed

Expert Group Meeting on the National Transfer Account Manual: Strengthening Capacity in the Production and Use of NTAs will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 6-7 December

DESA’s Population Division is organizing the meeting in collaboration with ECLAC, ESCAP and ESCWA with the main objective to improve the production and use of national transfer accounts (NTA) by national policy analysts in developing countries.

This gathering of international experts will assess NTAs as a way of addressing the socio-economic consequences of changing population age structures.

The information produced will guide national policies adapt to the changing living conditions of different generational groups, including children and the elderly.  The participants will also provide feedback on the NTA manual contents for the final version.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with the 8th Annual Meeting on National Transfer Accounts to discuss intergenerational approaches to social and economic policy. 

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