Make your voice heard and show support for Rio+20

The Rio+20 Secretariat is proud to announce three inter-related initiatives, aiming at raising and mobilizing public awareness of the Rio+20 Conference and Sustainable Development

Rio+20 Messages of the World

At Rio+20, people from all over the world will gather and discuss how to best manage our common future in a sustainable and lasting way. What message would you like to echo to the world? Let us know! Either write your own message, or agree on any of the already published messages. It’s easy! Remember – the strength are in the numbers! Maybe your idea will catch on?

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Rio+20 Pictures of the World

Rio+20 present world leaders the opportunity to create a new paradigm of sustainable lifestyles. Ensuring that our future needs can be met, and balancing our consumption with the environmental limits of the planet, is a collective effort that will impact all levels of society. What aspects of a sustainable lifestyle do you enjoy? Show us in pictures!

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Rio+20 Count me in!

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