Reinforcing International Mutual Accountability

Ongoing efforts to promoting accountability and transparency will be reviewed at the Expert Group Meeting on Global Mutual Accountability taking place in Luxembourg on October 17

Mutual accountability between donor and programme countries is important to hold each other to account on commitments made regarding aid and aid delivery. Mutual accountability at the global level plays an important role to promote progress on implementing such commitments at the country level. An expert group meeting will be held to exchange ideas on this topic and to prepare for the 2012 United Nations Development Cooperation Forum (DCF).

The meeting will reflect on how the evidence base for decisions by development cooperation actors at country level might be improved by making better use of global-level monitoring initiatives. The efficiency of existing accountability mechanisms in affecting development cooperation behaviors will also be considered as will be the extent to which independent assessments (e.g. by think tanks) are being recognized by national bodies.

Analysis conducted for the DCF shows that information comparing the performance of provider and recipient countries at global level is not sufficiently used in national mutual accountability forums. It has also been recommended that programme countries agree on clear targets for individual donors, as part of national aid policies, which can then be reviewed against ongoing national development efforts.

If information on compliance with commitments made is to be better shared and understood, it appears important that developing countries are able to choose indicators and to design assessment tools and processes.

This expert group meeting stems from the decision of the 2010 DCF to continue to conduct regular assessments of progress in mutual accountability and aid transparency. The DCF will continue to review progress in mutual accountability, placing an emphasis on Least Developed Countries as they have the most to gain from well managed development initiatives.

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