Examining current trends in e-governance programmes

Expert Group Meeting on the United Nations e-Government Survey 2012: Towards a More Citizen-Centric Approach will be held in New York from 6-7 December

The meeting, organized by DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM), will provide a forum for discussion to allow the experts to review and methodically examine the Survey’s methodology. They will review the methodology in light of current trends in e-government programmes.

The experts will also discuss some challenges or emerging issues such as: user take-up and training; universal accessibility of Internet or mobile connectivity; accessibility of services by vulnerable groups; multi-channel service provision; whole of Government (WOG) and one-stop service provision; and, assessing the environment. The experts will provide advice and recommendations on how to integrate these issues into the next edition of UN e-Government Survey.

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