Collaborating on 2008 data for upcoming 2010 census

The Malawi National Seminar on Census Data Analysis is scheduled for 19-22 July

The main objective of the national seminar is to provide an opportunity for the staff member of the Malawi National Statistical Office in collaboration with the University of Malawi Population Studies Centre to further collaborate on the analysis of data from the 2008 census of Malawi on selected topics.

The national seminar will cover the following topics: (i) fertility and nuptiality from a gender perspective; (ii) fertility indices based on data from the 2008 census; (iii) measures of nuptiality based on data from the 2008 census: and (iv) use of the Census Info software for data presentation and dissemination.

After the seminar, participants are expected to produce thematic analytical reports, based on analysis generated during the seminar.

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Preparing Bangladesh Housing Census

DESA’s Statistics Division sent an advisory mission to Bangladesh from 20-24 June to help assist with the preparation of the Bangladesh Housing Census scheduled in 2011

During the mission, the inter-regional advisor of the Statistics Division will work closely with the staff of the Bureau to review the census questionnaire of the 2011 Bangladesh Population and Housing Census, review the training materials and manuals, assess the data processing plans in details by stages, evaluate objectives and procedures of post enumerations survey, and discuss future plans for technical assistance.

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