Presenting MDG eCenter

GAID Preparatory Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals Electronic Center (MDG eCenter) will be held from 26-27 July in New York

Members of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) together with representatives from member states, the private sector, key civil society actors and other leading development organizations including major UN agencies will convene an action-oriented forum focused on the development of the GAID Millennium Development Goal Electronic Center.

The main purpose of the meeting is to present the concept of the MDGs eCenter, including environment, mission, objectives, status of development, timetable for finalization of the two core components (Matrix of ICT Solutions for MDGs Advancement and Computer-Aided Strategic Planner) and to report on the results of on-line and physical consultations on the structure and functionalities of the Portal.

The forum’s discussion will focus on actions needed to organize the development and population of the Matrix and the finalization of the Strategic Planner. Furthermore, interest and commitment to participate and contribute content and/or resources will be discussed.

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