Setting priorities to implement the Mauritius Strategy

AIMS and Caribbean Regional Meeting on Mauritius Strategy of Implementation +5 will be held on 9-10 March in Male, Maldives and on 16-17 March in St. George, Grenada respectively

After the first regional meeting, held in Vanuatu on 8-9 February, two more meetings will be held in preparation for the two-day high-level review of the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to be conducted at the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly.

The purpose of these meetings will be to provide a forum for SIDS in the Caribbean and AIMS (African, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Seas) regions to evaluate continuing national and regional challenges in implementing the Mauritius Strategy as outlined in the respective national assessment reports. The meetings will also assess recent trends and discuss common priorities for action and prepare a regional synthesis report. This report will outline priorities, emerging issues and future areas for further addressing the vulnerabilities of SIDS.

The AIMS and Caribbean regional review meetings will be attended by representatives of SIDS governments in the respective regions, UN agencies active in the regions, representatives of relevant non-UN regional and international organizations, and representatives of relevant Major Groups.

The Caribbean review meeting will be characterized by a one-day technical meeting followed by a ministerial segment on the second day. Following the completion of the Mauritius +5 meeting, ECLAC will host the Twenty-Third Session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC). The CDCC will undertake an assessment of current development trends for the Caribbean and define ECLAC’s strategic role in support of regional integration and national development aspirations.

The regional synthesis reports of these two meetings, as well as the report from the Pacific review meeting that was held in Vanuatu in February, will serve as inputs to the SIDS interregional meeting that will take place on 8 May 2010.

The purpose of the interregional meeting will be to review the outcomes of the three MSI regional meetings, prior to these being presented during ‘SIDS Day’ at the 18th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development. SIDS Day will act as the preparatory committee for the high-level review of the Mauritius Strategy in September 2010.

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