Preparing for the Committee of Experts on Public Administration

The Committee will meet on the theme “Challenges to and Opportunities for Public Administration in the Context of Financial and Economic Crisis” in the following month

The preparations for the 2010 CEPA meeting (19-23 April in New York) are well underway. In consultation with CEPA members, since the last CEPA session in 2009, DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management (DPADM) has now identified key topics for discussion during the upcoming session.

The topics will include enhanced public governance for fast and coordinated policy response, citizen-centered public service delivery, transparency and responsive accountability as well as social and financial protection for priority vulnerable groups.

DPADM is also undertaking preparatory work for the establishment of the new bureau of the Committee, as well as working on the statement for the Under-Secretary-General, the President of ECOSOC and the Chair of CEPA.

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