Developing with culture and identity

Experts will meet from 12-14 January in New York to understand indigenous peoples’ development and to identify the means to realize such development under multiple cooperation

Recommended by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) at its eighth session in May 2009 and authorized by the Economic and Social Council at its regular session on 30 July 2009, the International Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Peoples – Development with Culture and Identity – will bear multiple goals and also be the special theme of the ninth session of the UNPFII.

Permanent Forum members, indigenous experts, states and representatives from United Nations agencies and funds will have the opportunities to exchange information and analysis on the various concepts of development and practices and their impact on indigenous peoples’ livelihoods, communities, cultural practices and lands and natural resources. Positive and negative practices will be highlighted to give references to further measures.

The meeting will analyze enshrined human rights within international standards and policies and how they contribute to indigenous peoples’ concept of development with culture and identity. Options and further plans to build the necessary conditions for development such as empowering and strengthening indigenous peoples’ organizations and governance systems will be identified. They will also analyze opportunities for partnerships with indigenous peoples on development issues and how such arrangements might be informed by good practices and corporate responsibility models.

The final report and recommendations of the Expert Group Meeting will be to be submitted to the ninth session of the UNPFII.

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