DESA News for March 2015

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“We all expect a very strong commitment”

“This first month has been very exciting,” said Mr. Lenni Montiel, who was recently appointed as Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in UN DESA overseeing a wide portfolio of areas crucial for economic and social development. In his first DESA News interview, he discussed some of the most current issues, which are also vital for this year of global action, including preparing a data monitoring framework and financing for sustainable development. With almost thirty years of experience, Mr. Montiel has held strategic positions within the Government of Venezuela and in several international organizations. Throughout his career, he has been systematically …

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Securing better data for better lives

Data helps the international community measure the progress of development. How many children attend school, who has access to healthcare and how many people are employed? On 3-6 March, over 300 senior statisticians from about 140 UN Member States will gather for the 46th session of the Statistical Commission to ensure that we have reliable data for development. The ultimate goal – to enable people to live better lives. Spanning close to 70 years, the Statistical Commission has a rich history as the leading entity of the global statistical system. During this crucial year, the statistical community has a big task before them …

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Wanted: 600 million jobs

Most people joining the global workforce today will only have a few years of school with limited skills to make a living. Most will toil from dawn to dusk in harsh conditions, usually in agriculture or demanding physical labour, earning less than $1.25 per day. Some of the lucky ones with university degrees will take a job that undervalues them. This is a reality that ECOSOC and the ILO wish to change. Nearly 839 million workers in developing countries, 27 percent of global employment, are unable to earn enough to lift themselves and their families above the poverty threshold. There …

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