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UN continues drive to combat violence against women

Violence against women is widespread in every corner of the globe: from the bedroom to the battlefield. Women and girls suffer many forms of violence, including genital mutilation, rape, beatings by their partners, families or killings in the name of honour. It is shocking that in women’s lifetime, up to 76 per cent are subject to physical and/or sexual violence within intimate relationships. Discrimination in law, social practice and attitude, impunity and apathy are the underlying causes of violence against women and girls. In many countries, laws, policies and practices discriminate against women and girls, denying them equality with men, …

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Celebrating forests for people

The General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests (Forests 2011) to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and development of all types of forests. This October, in preparation for the Year, the official website and the International Forest Film Festival were launched, along with other advancements in preparation for Forests 2011. The Year provides a means of bringing those voices together and building momentum towards greater public participation in forest activities around the world. To help facilitate achievement of the objectives of the Year, the secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests is undertaking many communication …

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On 65th anniversary, UN resolves ‘to do more’ for development

This year’s United Nations Day, celebrated on 24 October, focused on the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and followed on the MDG Summit, which adopted a global action plan to achieve the eight goals by their 2015 target date. “I am determined to press ahead as the 2015 deadline approaches,” declared Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “Despite our problems, despite polarization and distrust, our interconnected world has opened up vast new possibilities for common progress. Let us commit to do even more to realize the great vision set out in the UN Charter.” Video: (2:10 minutes) Message: Web site:

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