New ECOSOC President outlines focus for 2012

“While some nations escape the poverty-trap, many more desperately need help. In 2012, ECOSOC must therefore carve out its niche as the forum for frank, free-flowing discourse on development cooperation,” said H.E. Mr. Miloš Koterec, its newly elected President at the handover ceremony on 10 January in New York.

Mr. Koterec also gave an overview of what ECOSOC would be focusing on in 2012. “As we look ahead, two other themes will surely compete for the Council’s attention in 2012: sustainable development and the post-2015 development architecture. What have we learned from our past endeavors? At the last Rio summit, we dreamed big. This time around, ambitions may be more modest. If Rio+20 is to make the right impact, it must instead set its sights on changing the terms of debate — from neutralizing human influence on the planet to better managing and mitigating its impact.”

He also discussed ECOSOC’s role in shaping the post-2015 development framework. Influencing requires “visionary thinking: setting, not following the agenda; retaining the best aspects of the Millennium Development Goals, like for example simplicity and time-bound targets while adopting a sharpened focus on outcomes and delivery.” For which he concluded, “the Council is well positioned at the heart of the action.”

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