1,800 partnerships for sustainable development

Untitled-5Partnerships will be essential for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the 1,800 registrations on UN DESA’s ‘Partnerships for SDGs’ online platform by Member States, international organizations, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders provide a strong basis for joint action.

This public online platform was initially developed in response to decisions made at the Rio+20 Conference and has been a repository for initiatives and partnerships for sustainable development since then. It hosts over 300 partnerships that came out of the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States.

The platform has recently been revitalized and aligned with the 17 SDGs, and over 80 new commitments have been announced on the occasion of, or following, the historic UN Sustainable Development Summit in September.

The registry aims to set the standard for how information on multi-stakeholder partnerships is published and to encourage further global partnerships engagement around the SDGs. It is also an important tool for the High-level Political Forum on sustainable development to fulfill its mandate regarding partnerships.

Examples of new partnerships

The more than 80 new partnerships added since the beginning of September reflect the broad scope of Agenda 2030, with registries made towards all 17 SDGs. A number of initiatives have been featured on the platform, to illustrate what partnerships can entail.

One of these examples is the initiative ‘Solar Empowered Schools’ (SES), which uses sustainable energy to improve academic performance in primary and secondary rural schools in Africa. It provides solar lanterns so that students who lack access to electricity can extend their study time.

SES identifies schools located in rural communities around Africa that are hindered by lack of artificial lighting, distributes solar lanterns to the schools’ students, and trains them on how to improve their academic performance and on how to maintain the lanterns given to them. The deliverable that SES has committed to is the distribution of 2,000 solar lanterns to schools by January 2016.

Another example is the Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) partner network, which consists of companies committed to generating innovative business models that promote clean and healthy oceans. OOC provides an online co-creation platform for entrepreneurs, offshore experts, scientists and those who care for the oceans to share and enrich ideas for a clean and healthy ocean.

After a selection made by its partners, OOC provides the means to realize these ideas by connecting entrepreneurs and start-ups with corporations and their financial resources and expertise, thus shortening the time to market of ocean ventures while tackling some of our most pressing environmental and social challenges.

A further partnership involving UN-Habitat , UNDP, FAO, UNCCD and the World Bank seeks to ensure that regional and national authorities will establish systems for improved access to land, adopt enabling legislation and put in place effective decentralized governance that fosters equitable and sustainable urban development by 2019.

Details on all 1800 registrations can be found on the platform.

Share your views about the platform

The Partnerships for SDGs platform is currently in a draft (beta) version, with a full version including additional functionalities to be launched in January 2016, responding to the needs of the users and to the requests of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Views are now sought from all stakeholders through an online survey. The results will guide the development of the projected “full version” in achieving its aim of becoming a tool to encourage global partnerships engagement around the SDGs. The survey can be taken until 15 November 2015 and can be accessed here.

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