High-level symposium deliberating on development cooperation post-2015

Development_cooperation_post2015UN DESA and the Republic of Korea are co-hosting a High-level Symposium themed “Development cooperation for people and planet: What will it take?” on 9 – 10 April in Incheon, the Republic of Korea. As the first high-level Symposium in preparation for the 2016 DCF, the symposium will explore what it will take in terms of means of implementation to deliver on the proposed sustainable development goals, integrating the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

For the successful implementation of the post-2015 development agenda, a renewed global partnership for development is needed for implementing this transformative agenda. New ways must be found to mobilize, allocate and use unprecedented amounts of financial resources and other means of implementation more effectively. This calls for aligning the financial and non-financial means of implementation, securing an enabling policy environment at all levels and strengthening coherence of international monetary, financial and trading systems.

The event will gather together approximately 180 participants including high-level representatives from national and local governments, international organizations, parliaments, civil society organizations, foundations, academia and the private sector, expected to attend interactive dialogues and workshops discussing questions such as aligning means of implementation approaches at country level, implications of a universal development agenda, improving ODA allocation as well as technology facilitation and capacity building.

Essential contributions to key inter-governmental processes in 2015

The Development Cooperation Forum high-level symposium in the Republic of Korea is expected to generate key recommendations and messages as an input to the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa on 13-16 July, and the Summit to Adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda in New York on 25-27 September.

Paving the way for the 2016 DCF

The Development Cooperation Forum provides an inclusive policy space for all stakeholders to discuss the implications for international development cooperation on a unified and universal global development agenda and gives policy guidance and recommendations on the role of development cooperation in all its forms to promote lasting results for sustainable development.

The narrative of development cooperation in a post-2015 setting should be strengthened, including the vital role ODA continues to play in many countries. The Development Cooperation Forum assists developing countries and other stakeholders to engage more effectively in this debate.

In the 2014-2016 cycle, UN DESA and its partners are supporting the work of the DCF to help shape the development cooperation aspects of a renewed global partnership for sustainable development and to examine how the Forum can help forge new dynamism to mobilize development cooperation and address evolving development cooperation needs.

The outcome of the symposium will contribute to the Development Cooperation Forum of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to be held in New York in the summer of 2016.

For more information: DCF Republic of Korea High-level Symposium