UN Water Zaragoza International Conference: From Vision to Action

~5919906The post-2015 international agenda for water and sanitation will be decided now. Taking place on 15-17 January in Zaragoza, Spain, the UN-Water International Zaragoza Conference focuses on bringing the post-2015 agenda into action by highlighting tools for implementation (financing, technology, capacity development) and governance frameworks.

The UN-Water Annual Zaragoza Conferences serve UN-Water to prepare for World Water Day which is celebrated annually on 22 March. This year, the conference is part of the road map for World Water Day 2015, which will focus on ‘water and sustainable development’.

More than 300 participants from UN Agencies and programmes, experts, representatives of the business community, governmental and non-governmental organizations will meet to draw conclusions based on existing practice and the exchange of views between governments and stakeholders. This is also the last year of the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’, so it is especially important for taking stock of and learning from achievements as well as planning the next steps.

Freshwater is central to all development. Challenges are growing, spreading, multiplying across the world – from urbanization and over-consumption, under-investment and lack of capacity, poor management and waste and the demands of agriculture, energy and food production. Freshwater is not being used sustainably according to needs and demands.

Yet many water problems are economic, social and political in nature and could be addressed through intelligent and effective governance to optimize use between sectors and ecosystems and balance current and future needs. We need governments, the private sector and civil society to work more harmoniously and to make water integration intrinsic in decision-making.

The Zaragoza Conference is a space for dialogue. The Conference will focus on a practical examination of the necessary transformations and how institutional change, technology, capacity development and financing can help develop joint responses. It will draw from practical experience of Member States and stakeholder groups.

The event will be facilitated by the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) and sessions will be convened by UN-Water members, programmes and partner organizations.

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